Italian craftsmanship and design

The OM officinae project reflects the history of officina Marocchi, dating back to the end of the seventeenth century when the Marocchi brothers established themselves as blacksmiths in the Santerno Valley, located between the Italian regions of Romagna and Tuscany.


The company has constantly reinvented itself over the years to the point that it has recently started producing furniture and accessories. Working ever-more closely with architects and designers led to a new appreciation of the aesthetic potential of iron, its alloys and coatings, opening the door to new avenues of research that slowly began to take shape as specific projects. Iron is combined with scrap wood, obsolete materials are restored, reinterpreted and given a new lease of life, a new use and a new purpose as a domestic Italian object.

The Teredo collection is the first stage of the OM officinae project. Although the collection is produced using the latest technology, the craftsmanship remains the same, reflected in the intricate detail, the hand finish and the refinement of the iron and steel coatings of each piece.

Being handcrafted, no two pieces are the same and every inconsistency is testament to the object’s uniqueness.